Helen Keller was both poetic and flatulent.

It is better by far

to strike a match

and light a fart

then curse a smell

in the dark. Continue reading


Introduction and Disclaimer

Hello, all!
After having a skeleton of a blog sitting around for a year, I’ve decided it may be time to add a post and stoke this bad boy up.
Since, using the model of The Daily Show, I’m attempting to produce for our amusement an imitation church, I see no problem with ordaining myself an imitation Pastor. People of the world (and wherever else), let me introduce myself: I am The Right Reverend Al “Maddog” Katz. My credentials for this title are nil, save for a healthy dose of self-delusion.
A further complication would be that I am wholly unqualified to perform any rite of journalism, to wit , I can’t type a lick. Oh, and I have had this computer for a little more than a year…and I had never had one before, nor did I know how to use one. Also, I’m wicked old.
I have no formal education in anything that might pertain to this blog. I am not a theologian by any stretch of the imagination, and not only did I not pursue an education in any of the subject matter that may be relevant to the exchanges I wish to foment in this blog, I was generally terrible in any school I ever went to, save for a random art class now and again. I believe this is the background necessary to be considered an expert, and I may become more esteemed than most as a result of my complete lack of knowledge.
So by and large, I will be winging it. Occasionally I will dispense misinformation. I will draw conclusions obtuse to the point. I will without even realizing it make outlandish claims, although there could be some premeditation.
In other words, anything goes, and hopefully, all in good fun. Maybe along the way we can cure all of the world’s ills

Statement of Ideal

If, in the sense of classic Greek theatre, one who believes a scenario would always have a positive outcome is considered a Romantic, and if one who has a profound belief that the Apocalypse is upon us might be referred to as an Apocalipsist (a term I’d like to enter into contemporary vernacular), then may I suggest a movement that finds in the indications of our obsolescence hints and clues pointing to more harmonious coexistence: Romantic Apocalipsists.

I wish to open the door of this imaginary place of reverence to invite those of you who share the idea that we may better prepare ourselves for the future by contemplating the trials and errors of the past and present.